IKIGAI Trawell Frame – a motivational travel learning print [EN / SL]


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Ikigai Trawell Frame – a motivational travel learning print

To travel well means to go beyond tourism and learn from other cultures.

Japanese people have developed a concept called IKIGAI, which encourages you to search for what makes you blissful and complete, gives you motivation for your work & life and brings you wellbeing and happinessIkigai reminds us to look for our deepest and truest and honest desires, the things that will give us fulfillment and will energize us.

Bring ikigai in your life with the Ikigai Trawell Frame – and learn from another culture.

More about a Trawell Frame:

A Trawell Frame is a motivational travel learning print that reminds you of an intercultural conecept or philosophy you can implement into your life to live better and more happily.


Product details:

  • 20x30 cm
  • Wooden frame
  • Color: Black
  • With wall hanger as well as with stand

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English, Slovene