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Imagine a long white beach with stunning blue water.  Maldives? Bora Bora? Try much closer. Greece? Sardinia? Ok, MUCH closer. Take a guess. The beach is called Spiaggia Bianca, or The White Beach, and is located in Tuscany, Italy, some 25 km from Livorno. 

We stopped at this hidden beach for 2 hours only, just to check it out on our way to Florence, and see for ourselves whether photos we’ve seen of it were doing it justice. Photos indeed don’t need filters to enhance the beautiful colors of both the sea and sand – this place indeed feels like a piece of Caribbean in the middle of Italy.

The Spiaggia Bianca with the sand as white as snow is not a very touristy place and there are not many signs orienting you towards it. This may be due to some controversial opinion about this beach as the beautiful colors of both the sand and the water are presumably due to a nearby local factory which manufactures bicarbonate of soda. 

The vast majority of sunbathers and kite surfers at the beach are locals – but this doesn’t make the beach less crowded. A big advantage of it being so long is that people distribute rather evenly along the beach and thus avoid the feeling of an overcrowded place (at least when we were there).




43.381045, 10.434789.

You can simply search for Spiaggia Bianca Rosignano on Google Maps or in your GPS.


A lot of people integrate the visit of Spiaggia Bianca into their Tuscany road trip. Arriving by car is a very easy way indeed. There is an official paying parking spot just nearby. However, there is no shade and the car easily gets very dusty from the sand. Also, the parking is not charged per hour but for a full day only.

If you want to make it a short stop and feel like avoiding paying for a full-day parking, we suggest you park less than 10 minutes walk away on a residential street.


You can take a train to the Rosignano train station. It will take you about 15 minutes to walk to the Spiaggia Bianca.



We’re big advocates of “behind the scenes” stories and realistic experience sharing. The Spiaggia Bianca is indeed stunning when framed well, but if you want to get the bigger picture of this place, you need to look beyond the white sand and blue sea.

As already mentioned, there is a factory near the Spiaggia Bianca. When you’re on the beach, you don’t see this and it doesn’t disturb your time there. 

Spiaggia Bianca is located in the industrial part of Italy, not far from a huge port in Livorno. The location however is well shaded from the big cargo boats and somehow an oasis of peace.


There are a few things to have in mind for a good experience. We’ve done some research before leaving and prepared some tips we wrote down in our Ultimate Travel Planner.

This place is NOT very urban. There is no bar or restaurant nearby so remember to bring water and food with you, especially if you’d like to stay longer. During summer months it may get really hot there so make sure to remain well hydrated.

There are no showers on spot. Or any standard beach facility for that matter. We highly recommend you to bring a few bottles of tap water with you, which you can use to rinse your feet once you want to put your shoes back on. The sand is so fine that it’s more like dust – you may want to avoid having it all over your clothes.

– There is almost no shade at this beach, so you may want to bring a parasol with you – or at least really good sunscreen. You can easily buy a parasol there if you’d like – there are quite some people on spot trying to sell you quite a few things, including a parasol. They didn’t disturb us but we’ve read many commens of visitors finding that rather annoying.

Avoid brining any valuables with you. There is no chance to store your valuables anywhere and since the spot is not particularly urban, you wouldn’t want your things to get stolen. We did feel rather safe there – but a bit of mindfulness is always good.


Do you wish to visit this secret beach? We’d love to hear your impressions and see your photos.

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