Our Story

Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Katja & Réda

She is from Slovenia, he is from Morocco. We live in Germany after having lived in France for 10 years.

We are passionate travelers and refuse being tourists. We always try to find ways to talk to the locals, eat where they eat and speak their language.

We love traveling. It makes us step out of our daily routine, discover other cultures and learn from them. We’ve traveled in over 50 countries and our bucket list is way from being empty.

We’re not big planners though. Katja actually doesn’t like planning at all. Réda loves being spontaneous but he plans trips like engineering masterpieces.

Until recently…

… during our trips, we often documented our memories by writing on restaurant napkins and shop receipts – and then lost them somewhere later on. We’ve traveled so much that we’ve become very comfortable traveling to places we’ve never been to. Sometimes maybe too comfortable. 

And then one day it hit us.

We had just arrived to Bangkok, jet lagged and tired after 11 hours on the plane, but excited about our trip. We took a taxi to go to our hotel. While already driving, we gave the name and address of our hotel to the taxi driver who didn’t speak English at all. We understood from his gestures that he needed a phone number of our hotel and that the name and address weren’t useful for him. We didn’t have it though and we had no access to internet to quickly google it. He didn’t seem to have internet neither and we were stuck in the taxi in the middle of Bangkok during rush hour with no way of explaining our taxi driver where we wanted to go.


This was the moment when we realised that 

we often THINK we know how to travel because traveling nowadays seems pretty easy. However, by NOT planning the essential parts of our trips properly, we actually keep making silly mistakes that spoil our trips but can be easily avoided. Planning a trip can be a lot of fun but it van also be quite overwhelming or boring. This is when we got the idea: it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or boring. We started thinking about smart, practical and stylish way of planning trips.


This is how The Ultimate Travel Planner was born. 

But we weren’t happy with simply helping people plan their trips. We actually wish for all tourists and travellers to become more mindful about our travel footprint and the way we travel.



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