Personalised Travel Bracelets

Carry your travel memories everywhere. Our wonderful personalised Travel Bracelets are a great reminder of your fav destination. 

Stunning bracelets made of beautiful, fine and premium gemstones & city, country or airport letters of your choice.


Fall in love with your new favourite bracelet. Wear it on its own or with your fav watch or bracelet. Get creative with our durable premium jewelry.


Stack several bracelets or use them as couple bracelets – share the same city with your partner, friend, sister… and reinforce your special bond.






How it works

1/ Pick your gemstones

Pick among 5 gemstones: black onyx, rose quartz, tiger eye, aventurine or howlite.

2/ Pick your destination

Pick a country, city or airport you’ve visited – or wish to visit.

With the choice of both gemstone and destination letters, this bracelet is truly special and reflects your unique style. It is made of premium and durable materials, very resistant, not easy to damage ‚Äď it is truly made to last. Easily combine it with other jewelry or watch, or even stack several together.

More than a simple accessory

28,00 EUR

Our personalised Travel Bracelets are have the power to positively influence your life. They fill you up with loads of travel inspiration and positive vibes through the travel word you personalise it with. Coupled with healing gemstones, they can bring more love, strength, motivation and more into your life.


  • premium round gemstones, 8mm √ė,
  • white both-sided acrylic letters,
  • very durable elastic band (they last for years).



  • Germany: 2‚Äď5 Business Days
  • Europe: 3-10 Business Days
  • World: About 10 Business Days

Pick your gemstones


 Healing gemstones have been used for thousands of years. They were added to jewelry as fashion evolved, mainly as a form of beautification but also for the properties that they are believed to have on the human body and spirit.

Because our body is highly receptive to vibrations, gemstones coming in contact with our skin can transmit a flow of energy into our bodies that can help with daily physical and mental struggles such as anxiety, exhaustion, stress, depression and more.

 Pick between rose quartz, aventurine, howlite, black onyx and tiger eye and personalise your bracelet in the best of ways.


Made to last

Premium and durable materials make our Travel Bracelets very resistant, not easy to damage Рtruly long-lasting. 


Apart from being totally personalised, our Travel Bracelets are produced in limited quantities to avoid waste.


Easily combined with other jewelry or watch. It works perfectly to stack several Travel Bracelets too.

Offering as a gift?

Are you unsure which gemstones and which city your dear ones would prefer? No worries, simply offer them our Gift Card and they can personalise their bracelet exactly the way they want. Win-win!

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