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One thing we’ve learned as travellers who visited over 50 countries is that the more you can learn about yourself as a traveler, the better. 

When you fully leverage and utilize your unique qualities, the sky is the limit when you travel.

This is exactly why we created this free guide to share actionable tips to help you gain better understanding of your unique abilities as a traveller based on your zodiac sign, so you can travel like a pro.

Download this free e-book and make the most our of your travel adventures.



From Disappointment To Full Control: Your fast-track to understanding review-based webpages and using them to your advantage.

We’ve created a free mini-course which tackles all major downsides of Trip Advisor and similar review-based webpages.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s practically the Trip Advisor motto. But a common mistake travelers do is not paying attention to whose opinion they are listening to when planning and researching their trip.

Enroll in this course and make the most our of your travel planning.



This year, we want to encourage you to write a letter to your dear ones for the Valentine’s Day. To thank them, to show them your affection, gratitude, to tell them how special they are to you.

Pick your fav template, print it out and fill it with your own words. Then send it by post or simply offer it to your loved ones. Success guaranteed!

 We simply love the process of taking the time to prepare for it, not doing it in a rush, not multitasking. And the final result is so heartwarming. Your handwriting, your ideas, the time you dedicated to it.


What do the happy owners of The Ultimate Travel Planner say?

“The Ultimate Travel Planner is the reason I started enjoying travel planning. All the essential info are ready for you to plan – and use both before and while traveling.” Anja M.

“I’m not much of a planner person. I have plenty of unused agendas at home so I was quite sceptical when I got The Ultimate Travel Planner as a gift. Once I started using it, especially for the journaling during my trips, I’ve realised this is not an agenda, it’s not a usual travel planner. It’s fun and short and cool.” Marie T.

Make a difference

The Ultimate Travel Planner is made of recyclable paper, including its beautiful cover. You can use it during several years and fully plan & document 7 trips, which also reduces its environmental impact. 

Your Time to Trawell order will be packaged and delivered almost plastic-free. The stickers, packing paper and the shipping label are all made of paper, and so are our delivery envelopes with the only exception of bubbles that are keeping your Ultimate Travel Planner save. But we're also working on that. 

A package with a positive impact! 

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