Golden White Eco bag x The Ultimate Travel Planner


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Eco Bag + The Ultimate Travel Planner

To travel well also means to lower your footprint when you travel. The expandable Eco Bag is a super easy step to saying no to plastic and be stylish when traveling. The best thing? You can use it all year long, not just when you travel.

 The Eco Bag exists in pink, blue and white color.


More about The Ultimate Travel Planner:

The Ultimate Travel Planner is the simplest, most effective way to make the most out of any journey. It’s more than a simple travel journal or planner. It’s a fun tool that teaches you how to travel, such as how to become a sustainable traveler or how to pick your next destination. It also helps you plan and organize the most important details of any adventure, all while having fun.

The Ultimate Travel Planner is broken up into two sections: the part before you embark on a trip and the planning part.

In the first part you will find tips and step-by-step instructions that will help you  find out what kind of trip you’d like to experience next.

In the second part, you can dive into the exciting world of planning your next trip. This is where you will find everything you need for a smooth planning process, from to-do and packing lists to creative space to document your adventures in a fun way.

Product details:

  • 200 pages 130 x 210 mm
  • Hard cover
  • Hard binding
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